Sam Derounian is a British artist currently based in London, UK and studies in the graduate sculpture department at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.

Sam’s current practice starts in drawing, collage and printmaking, and is developed through set and prop-making, writing, and finally performance. Sam’s work is an inquiry into the relationships and power dynamics between humans and non-humans (objects, sites etc.) and in particular how these relationships are consolidated through the performance of verbal language. His work is inspired by, and references, avant-garde theatre, semiotics (theories of language), and subcultural aesthetics (detournement).

Since 2011 he has lived in Glasgow, Copenhagen, and London and has exhibited internationally, consistently winning public funding to aid the production of new work. Recent projects include Pauses before the Pinboard, KELDER, London; (Un)doing, (Un)making. Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham; Platform 1, The Bloomsbury Theatre, London; Peripheral Vision, Slottet, Copenhagen; Creative Lab Residency, CCA Glasgow and CUT/PROMPT, 68 Art Institute, Copenhagen.