I make sculptures that combine figures and objects in surreal assemblages resembling ‘characters’ in theatrical tableaux – that are often animated by synchronised lights and sound or performance. I also make prints which often function like proposals or sketches for my installations.

My work – through symbolism and poetic allegory – attempts to communicate my concerns about how identity is constructed and controlled – often vis-a-vis social phenomena including labour, technology, language, education, and more. My installations attempt to visualise these often dysfunctional relationships between individuals and these non-human social phenomena – often symbolised by objects. In doing so I attempt to offer possibilities for better understanding and rethinking the social.

Recent work has focussed on how social structures and institutions have been designed based on industrial models/philosophies and has proposed horticulture as an alternative lens through which to imagine the social conditions needed for both individuals and the natural world to be sustained and thrive.

Instagram: @sam_derounian_studio