Solo exhibition at Danske Grafikeres Hus Copenhagen

For my solo exhibition at Danske Grafikeres Hus I will show screen-prints combining natural and industrial imagery entangled with the human figure and set within hand-painted environments.

The exhibition deals with themes of humans’ relationship with technology and its effects on wellbeing and self-perception, taking its name from a lecture by the British educational philosopher Ken Robinson. Robinson compared educational models of the contemporary west to those of industry, opining that they should more ideally resemble those of horticulture, if students were to thrive and develop.

Applying Robinson’s ideas about development and wellbeing in the context of this new body of work, my allegorical images will explore the atomizing and isolating effects of the ubiquity of technology and the negation of nature on the individual – psychologically, socially, politically, and philosophically – in the series, shown in its complete form for the first time.

The exhibition is generously supported by: Københavns Kommune Rådet for Visuel Kunst. Statens Værksteder for Kunst.